About the project


Upper-Secondary School Complex in Sadowne has taken part in the international  Lifelong Learning Programme  Comenius.  The school implements the project “Health and nutrition without borders”. The overall objective of the project is to develop knowledge of young people and teachers relating to cultural diversity, intercultural values and developing language skills. The specific objective is to develop and popularize healthy eating habits.

Enquiry on Comenius project for teachers - results

Questionnaire for the headmaster - results


The questionnaire titled Questionnaire for the headmaster has been carried out in the Upper Secondary School Complex in Sadowne after the first year of the Comenius project “Health and nutrition without borders”. The questions, which were divided into two parts, were related to the evaluation of specific project aims fulfilment and to its influence on variety of the students’ and the teachers’ competencies. The respondents were the headmaster and the vice-headmaster of the school.

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